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What is the Touro Cloud Backup Technical Support number?

USA, Canada and South America: Mon-Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm PST Sat 9:00am – 3:00pm PST English/Spanish 1-408-717-8087 all the others Countries can refer to numbers and schedule at this page

How much does Touro Cloud Backup cost?

You get 3GB of backup space for free, or you can upgrade to a 250GB (maximum) account for $59/year.

What is the difference between Touro Cloud Backup and other conventional backup systems?

Touro Cloud Backup provides a complete service that is aligned to your needs and offers several key advantages over other consumer backup methods including:
  • Long-term storage at an affordable price
  • File access from any location connected to the internet
  • Ability to backup as many computers as you like

How can I access my data?

From your computer, simply click the Touro Cloud Backup icon in the system tray of your desktop and then click “Browse.” Or, from any web browser, visit and login.

How often is the backup made?

Touro Cloud Backup is a continuous backup system. Every time a file is added or modified, a copy is uploaded to the server. Touro Cloud Backup starts when your computer starts up. No action on your part is necessary.

Can I install Touro Cloud Backup on all of my computers?

Yes. Until you reach the maximum space allowed for your account, you can install Touro Cloud Backup on as many computers as you like. All computers will be displayed on your Touro Cloud Backup drive as individual folders.

How does Touro Cloud Backup work?

Touro Cloud Backup software allows every file on your computer (up to 5GB in size) to be automatically saved through your internet connection to a remote server with restricted access. You can view and work on your files from any location connected to the web. With up to 250GBs (maximum) available, you can save every type of file: photographs, documents, music, and more. After the initial setup, backup occurs in a continuous manner; you don’t need to do a thing. Touro Cloud Backup also tracks every change made to your files.

I have deleted or modified a file. Can I recover it?

Yes. Log into your account on and use the search function. Not only can you find the file you need, you can also find all earlier versions that you have modified, allowing you to select the exact version that you want to recover.

How is my privacy ensured?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I delete my files from Touro Cloud Backup?

Deleting files is simple and quick. All you have to do is log into your account at, browse through your data, and delete unwanted files and folders.

What if my computer crashes? How can I recover my data?

In the event a crash occurs, recovering your data with Touro Cloud Backup is simple. Just access your files at, download them and wait until the transfer is complete. You can retrieve all your files, any time you want, in a simple manner.

What can I save?

You can save any files you want, until reaching your storage limit (your free account comes with 3GB storage, and you can upgrade to maximum 250GB for $59/year). Touro Cloud Backup saves and protects any type of file up to 5 GB in size. It automatically saves up to 10 versions of any additions and modifications to the files that you have selected for backup.

Can I have more space?

Yes. You can choose either a 3GB account for free or a 250GB (maximum) account for $59/year.

How much time does Touro Cloud Backup take to save my files?

The first complete system backup can take a very long time. Your most important files are protected first, however. Touro Cloud Backup determines which files are most important based on the type of file and its frequency of use. As you use your computer, Touro Cloud Backup re-evaluates which files are important and always backs them up first. In general, the time necessary to backup your files depends on the quantity of information that you have chosen to save and the speed of your internet connection. Our technology also helps Touro Cloud Backup make backups faster. If other users have already transferred files with the same content (for example operating system files or common applications), Touro Cloud Backup will only register the presence of these files in your space without physically performing the transfer.

Can I use Touro Cloud Backup to share very large files?

Yes. You can email a link to any file you have saved on Touro Cloud Backup. The recipient can then download the file directly to their computer. If the file you want to share has already been saved, log in to your account and you can search for and share the file. If you have not yet saved the file to Touro Cloud Backup, log in to your account on and right-click to save the file you would like to share. Once the file is saved, right-click it again to share it.

Will Touro Cloud Backup slow down my computer?

No. Touro Cloud Backup uses computer resources and an internet connection in a dynamic manner to give you priority and to ensure that there is no slowdown for you.

What happens if the connection is interrupted?

If the connection is interrupted, Touro Cloud Backup automatically stops running, but remembers the progress of the backup and continues from that point when the connection is restored.

What encryption system does Touro Cloud Backup use?

Touro Cloud Backup utilizes different encryption systems in every phase. Data is encrypted by the program and divided into different parts, making it impossible to reconstruct by intercepting any single part. Data is then sent by an encrypted SSL channel to the Touro Cloud Backup servers. This type of communication is the same used by online banks and credit card payment systems. The files are not subsequently reconstructed, but rather the different parts of the files are archived on a RAID system.

I have an office network. Can I install Touro Cloud Backup?

As long as it meets your employer’s guidelines, yes, Touro Cloud Backup can be installed on any office computer, desktop or laptop running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or greater.

I have very important data. Can Touro Cloud Backup help me?

Touro Cloud Backup provides secure archiving of every file up to 5GB in size. If a file exists on Touro Cloud Backup, you can retrieve it with any supported interfaces.

Can I transfer files using FTP?

At the moment you can’t transfer files to or from Touro Cloud Backup using FTP.

How can I find out how much space I have left?

Every time that you login on the Touro Cloud Backup website, you can see how much space you have left on an easy-to-read dashboard.

What do I need to install Touro Cloud Backup?

You need a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.6.8 or greater. You will also need to install the backup software from

I have lost my password. Can I retrieve it?

We do not save user passwords. We use an encryption algorithm that permits us to verify them, but not to read them. You can request a change of password using the email address specified when Touro Cloud Backup was activated through the program or the website.

My email has changed. What happens?

If your email changes, it is necessary to contact customer support at Tell us your old and new email addresses. Your login information will be sent to your new address.

Does Touro Cloud Backup back up Internet favorites, operating systems, and applications?

The Touro Cloud Backup software offers file-level backup only. Internet favorites can be backed up, but you must close the application using these files before running the backup.

I connect through a proxy server. Can I use Touro Cloud Backup?

Touro Cloud Backup has been designed to work with a proxy server. Communication with the Touro Cloud Backup server is through the encrypted HTTPS port 443, used by banks and credit card payment systems. If your network supports connections through port 443, Touro Cloud Backup will work without problems.

How can I purchase Touro Cloud Backup?

Touro Cloud Backup provides 3GB of storage for free, but you can upgrade to 250GB (maximum) of additional space on our upgrade page.

What is the maximum size for files saved on Touro Cloud Backup?

Touro Cloud Backup client software supports files up to 5GB in size.

How can I speed up backups?

Backup time depends on the Internet connection upload speed and the quantity of data selected for backup. Modify these factors to maximize performance. Note: A typical user with a 512 Kbps upload connection (standard DSL line) saves between 1 and 10GB per day, depending on how long the user is connected to the internet and how similar the contents of different uploaded files are.

Is Touro Cloud Backup available for Linux?

No, at this time Touro Cloud Backup is not available for Linux.

How can I backup files on the network?

You can’t backup files on the network at this time.

Is there an iPhone® or iPad® client for Touro Cloud Backup?

Yes, you can download Touro Cloud Backup for iPhone® and iPad® from the Apple App Store. The application is free for all Touro Cloud Backup customers.

How can I uninstall Touro Cloud Backup?

Windows XP
  • Open Control Panel
  • Click Add or Remove programs
  • Select Touro Cloud LifeStudio & Touro Cloud Backup
  • Click Remove
Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • Open Control Panel
  • Doubleclick Programs and Features
  • Select Hitachi LifeStudio & Touro Cloud Backup
  • Click Remove

Will all of my Hitachi Backup apps work with Touro Cloud Backup?


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