Share and store your files and folders

Share and store more easily than ever with a single application for local and cloud backup of your photos, music, movies and documents.

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Seamless local and online backup

Worry-free automatic backup

Touro Cloud Backup is easy to use. Select the files and folders you want to backup, and then simply turn on Touro Cloud Backup. Your content will be stored in the cloud automatically every 30 minutes or you can schedule times that are convenient for you.

Simple backup dashboard

Not sure if your stuff is backed up? The desktop application provides a quick view of what’s backed up and what’s not in a simple dashboard format.

Easily restore files

Restoring files has never been easier. Simply select the file or folder you want to restore and where you want to restore it.

Share anything with anyone

Touro Cloud Backup makes file and folder sharing easy. Simply email your friends and family a link to the files and folders you want to share and they can either view or download it in their web browser. Now your friends can see your photos, listen to your music and view your files on the web, without having to post to a social network. All you need to share your favorite photos, music, movies and files is a web browser or the free iPhone® or iPad® app*. You can also password protect shared files.

Version control

Need to reference back to different versions of a document you’ve created? Touro Cloud Backup makes it easy by automatically saving up to 10 versions of a single file. Touro Cloud Backup protects all your files and changed versions as well.